These are some projects created and/or maintained by Shiar aka Mischa Poslawsky.
Grab them using git clone git://$PROJECT. Patches are welcome at perl AT shiar DOT org.
Project Description Owner Last Change
perl/file-rewrite.git File::Rewrite - append and/or strip lines from text files Artistic 10 years ago
perl/html-form-simple.git HTML::Form::Simple - generate HTML form elements Artistic 14 years ago
perl/list-index.git List::Index - find and apply optimal prefix ranges to paginate keywords Artistic 13 years ago
perl/loc/.git Tie::Cascade - localised hash Artistic 13 years ago
perl/plp/.git PLP - Perl in HTML pages MIT 4 years ago
perl/schtarr.git StarCraft data parsing ? 13 years ago