2009-02-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYXXX: scmap: restore metadata marking (era-dependant... master
2009-02-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYXXX: handle multiple MTXM chunks correctly (tileset...
2009-02-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYXXX: TileSet: imager
2009-02-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYXXX: scmap: literal map image
2008-11-17 Shiarfix debug messages during replay parsing
2008-11-17 Shiarscrep: postpone loading modules for optional features
2008-11-17 Shiarscmap: correct tileset detection
2008-07-20 Shiarimprove scmap color coding to tile function
2008-07-19 ShiarData::StarCraft::Tileset->tileavg optimization
2008-07-09 Shiargraphplay: draw unit limit
2008-07-09 Shiardocument sample usage in scmap
2008-07-09 Shiarrecognize all tilesets in scmap::world
2008-07-09 Shiarcomplete tile drawing support in Data::StarCraft::Tileset
2008-07-09 ShiarData::StarCraft::Tileset to parse tileset data
2008-07-09 Shiarcapture: license under dual gpl/perl
2008-02-10 Shiarcapture and graphplay scripts take command line options
2008-02-10 Shiarcapture: put text filter colors on seperate lines
2008-02-07 Shiarsimplify paths produced by graphplay
2008-02-07 Shiargraphplay to draw SVG graphs of gameplay statistics
2008-02-07 Shiarfix game capture position of timer
2008-02-07 Shiarrewritten game capture
2008-02-07 Shiargame capture prototype
2008-01-19 ShiarMerge commit 'raz/master'
2008-01-19 Shiarscmtomap: extract map data from scm
2008-01-19 Shiarscrep: insert replay data directly into database
2008-01-17 ShiarGames::StarCraft::DB class for schtarr database
2008-01-17 Shiarrun options can be given to pvpgnreport
2008-01-17 Shiarscrep: show slot numbers in player summary
2008-01-17 Shiarscrep --version|--help
2008-01-17 Shiarseperate class Data::StarCraft::PvPGN::Report
2008-01-12 Shiarsupport auto-add of recordless replays
2008-01-12 Shiarnew replay name shorthand 'Nxxnxn' for date prefix...
2008-01-12 Shiar'new' script for automatic game insertion into database
2007-12-31 Shiardo not track generated files for Archive::MoPaQ
2007-12-31 Shiargive an error if pvpgn report insertion fails
2007-12-31 Shiarstrip path name to pvpgn report file for name
2007-12-31 Shiarirc bot reporting on bnetd activities
2007-12-31 Shiarrecognize team in replay's player data
2007-12-31 Shiarparse ladder info from pvpgn logs
2007-11-27 ShiarData::StarCraft::Replay package taken out of screp
2007-11-27 Shiarscrep --act to create an animated image of replay actions
2007-11-27 ShiarData::StarCraft::Map package taken out of scmap
2007-11-27 ShiarArchive::MoPaQ - perl interface to libmpq
2007-11-13 Shiarpvpgn report file parser
2007-11-12 Shiarscrep -a to write an SVG file with apm history per...
2007-11-12 Shiarscrep: parse player data
2007-11-12 Shiarscrep: do not include trailing nulls in map name
2007-11-12 Shiarscrep: document unknown command 0x1B
2007-11-12 Shiarscrep: fix apm (ignore first 1'20 correctly)
2007-11-12 Shiarscrep: show number of played frames
2007-11-12 Shiaralso read replay header in screp
2007-11-12 Shiarstarcraft replay parser
2007-11-12 Shiarstarcraft replay map parser
2007-11-12 Shiarpure perl mopaq parser setup