another stable release v2.1
[unicode-sampler.git] / unicode.txt
2022-08-18 Mischa POSLAWSKYanother stable release v2.1 master
2022-08-18 Mischa POSLAWSKYfuck it animal band
2022-08-18 Mischa POSLAWSKYthe fuzzy duckling in emoji
2022-08-18 Mischa POSLAWSKYcaterpillar uneatable illustrations
2022-08-18 Mischa POSLAWSKYthe very hungry caterpillar in emoji
2022-08-18 Mischa POSLAWSKYremove superfluous key symbols from overview
2022-08-17 Mischa POSLAWSKYreorder currency symbols in font overview
2022-08-17 Mischa POSLAWSKYreduced font overview width with 5th line
2022-08-17 Mischa POSLAWSKYarmenian
2022-03-30 Mischa POSLAWSKYfücking rock dots
2022-03-30 Mischa POSLAWSKYxml header in html example
2022-03-30 Mischa POSLAWSKYlatin alfauxbet (or fauxlphabet) A-Z in mostly cyrillic
2021-09-30 Mischa POSLAWSKYslopes and diagonals from legacy drawing block U+1FBxx
2021-09-30 Mischa POSLAWSKYcompass comparison in 11 columns of arrows and triangles
2021-09-30 Mischa POSLAWSKYlegacy computing shade blocks block
2021-09-30 Mischa POSLAWSKYreorganise arrows like triangles
2021-09-30 Mischa POSLAWSKYsymmetric kaomoji by reversing a tilde
2021-08-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYchinese periodic table of elements
2020-11-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYaztek code in 2x3 block segments
2020-11-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYredraw heavy grid transitions in 7x7 box
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYversion update to unicode 13.0
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYblock allocation glyphs for brahmic zone U+11xxx
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYupdate sanskrit transcriptions
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYinverse bullet in empty center of block drawing
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYdrop icelandic pangram
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYyezidi letter at empty U+10E8x block
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYchange letter symbols to MuchUniCode
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYdeobfuscate haskell golf a bit
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYcjk extension G character biáng
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYcompare variant forms in chinese transliteration
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYadditional potential A-lookalikes
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYstroke diacritics can emulate underline, strikethrough...
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYreorder overview to align math and currency symbols
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYsample glyphs from kStrange categories A-U
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYvowelless arabic transliteration
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYarabic test sentences
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYarabic presentational forms
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYarabic vowel diacritics
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYcommon arabic pangram
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYlarger african sample in taa
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYForTheWin in smallcaps, superscript, subscript, turned...
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYcompare mathematical letter symbols for ForTheWin
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYcjk comparison of traditional, simplified, shinjitai
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYrandom characters from cjk extension F
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYcommon line break after ethiopic header
2020-11-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYsingle word of zalgo should suffice
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYappend cypriot glyph to linear A space
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYmatch circled ideograph to cjk representation
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYmove A homographs to typography section
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYinclude letter Ø as common 0 lookalike
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYlower pronunciation of Arthur in panphone
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYreorder panphone to drop "on" in second line
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYpanphone in deseret
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYalign U+03x blocks for single width hexagram
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYsmp block allocation glyphs
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYprefer apple last resort glyphs
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYbmp block allocation glyphs
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYupdate version to unicode 10.0
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYhentaigana variant of iroha
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYhaskell oneliner with programming ligatures
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYpowerline lookalikes for branch and linenr
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYreorder minority alphabets in overview
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYreorganise overview table
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYrestrict currencies to most traded
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYhomoglyphs of A and O
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYexcessive, scary usage of diacritics; ZALGO!
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYcoptic sample text in old nubian
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYdifferent vietnamese dong
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYpointer compass, triangles in all directions
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYrandom kaomoji faces
2020-11-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYsanskrit transcriptions from wikipedia
2020-11-02 Mischa POSLAWSKYshavian corrections for "waters", "heard"
2020-11-02 Mischa POSLAWSKYalign hangeul decomposition
2020-11-02 Mischa POSLAWSKYchinese transliteration below samples
2020-11-02 Mischa POSLAWSKYcantonese transliteration (jyutping, ipa)
2015-09-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYupdate dated update date to uptodate date v2.0
2015-09-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsymmetric ascii art bunny
2015-09-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYdrop mathematical ABC symbols line
2015-09-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYinsert non-joiner between non-ligature fl in german...
2015-09-11 Mischa POSLAWSKYfix mistyped letter in greek iliad
2015-09-11 Mischa POSLAWSKYglagolitic tower of bable transcription
2015-09-11 Mischa POSLAWSKYcyrillic tower of babel in multiple slavic languages
2015-09-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYcomplex conjugate formula to cover blackletter and...
2015-09-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYreorder languages to transition from semitic to indic
2015-09-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYmove typography section up
2015-09-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYmove font overview to top
2015-09-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYreplace random signs in typography by basic arithmetics
2015-09-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYtypography item for currency usage (elaborating on...
2015-09-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYimprove paragraph headers
2015-09-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYreplace ethiopic by multilingual sample
2015-09-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYextend hebrew sample to 5 lines
2015-09-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYcombine short pangrams
2015-09-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYlithuanian pangram
2015-09-08 Mischa POSLAWSKYmore natural ipa transcription of english panphone
2015-09-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYhebrew zarka table including all common prosodic signs
2015-09-07 Mischa POSLAWSKYthai pangram
2015-09-05 Mischa POSLAWSKYcover all latin1 spacing accents by adding cedilla
2015-09-05 Mischa POSLAWSKYinclude vietnamese in diacritics decomposition line
2015-09-05 Mischa POSLAWSKYsingle-line slovak pangram
2015-09-05 Mischa POSLAWSKYancient greek verse from homer's iliad