2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: describe target of tooltip usage percentages
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: support filter form without classList
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: minor html validation fixes
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle: various minor fixes
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle: fix hovered links in level cells
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: wrap contents in explicit tbody
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: specify script type
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: quote html entities
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: count score for new status "p p"
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: search categories on uppercase form input
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: minimum multiplier to stabilise order of unuse...
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: adjust styling for other standards source
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: prefixed legend without unknown styling
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: column formatting functions
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: hilight row targeted by request url
2010-12-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: local search form
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: abbreviate agent name depending on version...
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: full score for prefixed features
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: recognise new caniuse status "p p"
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: future version numbers marked .ex
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: prefixed support styled as disfavoured .ex
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle: common disfavoured class .ex
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: fix link and hover styling
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: adjust legend without usage data
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: usage source option
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle: renumber l? classes
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: support new data version
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: source metadata in usage include
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: recognise op_mini, ios
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: new browsers, optional
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: convert mobile browsers in wikimedia stats
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: click title to expand
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: support new caniuse data
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYunicode: copy characters into separate include
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYkeys: qwerak layout
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: explain unknown support style in legend
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle/mono: prevent colour in active/hovered links
2010-12-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: prevent undefinedness warning
2010-11-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: hover description and notes
2010-11-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: version release data usable as usage styling
2010-11-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: static usage styling
2010-11-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: generic usage classes (.p*)
2010-11-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: reclass standards status
2010-11-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: separate l9 class for unofficial
2010-11-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle/circus: support unicode page
2010-11-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle/mono: support browser and unicode pages
2010-11-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle: fix row offsets (prevent column overflow on...
2010-11-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle/mono: support vimperator and countries
2010-11-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle/mono: match new group classes
2010-11-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle/mono: drop td tag selectors as well
2010-11-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle: generic group classes (.g\d)
2010-11-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle: drop explicit td tag selectors in css
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle: generic naming scheme for support classes
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYhtaccess: server-specific cgi action for plp
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: update dark stylesheet, drop light
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: apply transparency based on usage
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: repeat colgroup headers as table footer
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: include perl data prepared by converter script
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: abbreviate browser names, version numbers
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: order features by user reach percentage
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYcaniuse: recognise missing support combinations
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: indicate browser usage from separate include
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: script to parse wikimedia statistics
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: version number formatting
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYwriting: substitute arabic isolated forms by common...
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle/circus: digraph colours
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: presentational update
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: normalise score as percentage
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: above-average (di-aa) class
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: calculate/order by support score
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: combine versions with same support
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYbrowser: terse overview of data
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYcommon: check proper modules in any path
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYemoji: alternate url option for extended icons
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYvi: generic declaration of the escape key (\e)
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYemoji: list systems by section divs
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYemoji: system meta data (name, image/page address)
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYemoji: more unicode equivalents
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYemoji: mark yahoo additions in version 6
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYemoji: gmail table (google talk)
2010-11-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYemoji: yahoo table (Y!M)
2010-07-06 Mischa POSLAWSKYemoji: page listing msn emoticon i/o and unicode equiva...
2010-06-29 Mischa POSLAWSKYhtaccess: only enable apache deflate option if present
2010-06-29 Mischa POSLAWSKYhtaccess: fix .plp redirect for multiviews-enabled...
2010-06-29 Mischa POSLAWSKYcommon: fix utf8 io layer of cgi output
2010-06-29 Mischa POSLAWSKYvi: move legend data to translations include
2010-06-18 Mischa POSLAWSKYoverhaul keyboard module include syntax v1.3
2010-06-18 Mischa POSLAWSKYkeyboard: preliminary page to show altgr keymaps
2010-06-18 Mischa POSLAWSKYstarcraft: preliminary game key emulator
2010-06-18 Mischa POSLAWSKYtermcol table descriptions; stash brahmi writing row
2010-06-16 Mischa POSLAWSKYcountries: relevant iso standard in title
2010-06-16 Mischa POSLAWSKYtermcol: drop unused foreground/background declarations
2010-06-16 Mischa POSLAWSKYtermcol: title overrides for html and xkcd
2010-06-16 Mischa POSLAWSKYtermcol: customised foreground sample for xkcd
2010-06-16 Mischa POSLAWSKYtermcol: colour class to facilitate calculation and...
2010-06-16 Mischa POSLAWSKYtermcol: xkcd survey results for colour names
2010-05-23 Mischa POSLAWSKYwriting: script names in separate include
2010-05-21 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: prevent excess leading tbody tag
2010-05-19 Mischa POSLAWSKYunicode: prevent empty row at table header rows
2010-04-26 Mischa POSLAWSKYlemma: modern chinese character frequency list