2015-06-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: update projectile attack data
2015-06-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: indicate flying units
2015-06-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: common icon for cliff walking
2015-06-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: restyle massive indicator (append to suit char)
2015-06-15 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: convert bw attack cooldown to seconds
2015-06-14 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: normalise energy terminology in bw Feedback description
2015-06-14 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: amend hots unit data with special and update details
2015-06-14 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: distinguish linear splash damage
2015-06-14 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: change icon for massive to U+2693 anchor
2015-06-14 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: indicate maintenance cost of specials
2015-06-14 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: indicate buildings by size "B"
2015-06-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: reduce armor column size if possible
2015-06-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: describe hots vulnerabilities attributes
2015-06-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: hots attributes hash (attr)
2015-06-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: suit fallback for sc2
2015-06-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: update hots data to patch 2.1.9 BU
2015-06-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: correct hots building sizes
2015-06-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: define attack count for multihit hots units
2015-06-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: read version number from data include
2015-06-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: version-specific page metadata
2015-06-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: rename data files to append game release abbreviation
2015-06-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: unexceptional header tags for empty category cells
2015-06-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: separate css to external file
2015-06-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: minor code cleanup, var renames, css optimisations
2015-06-13 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: drop precalculated dps data
2015-06-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: calculate dps from damage and cooldown
2015-06-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: drop zero value in spider mine attack data
2015-06-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: describe spider mine behaviour only
2015-06-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: indicate passive abilities, including cloak
2015-06-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: indicate specials cost and availability
2015-06-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: integrate added special/upgrade options
2015-06-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: various missing energy stats of starcraft 1 units
2015-06-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: reorder and improve starcraft2 units
2015-06-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: separate interceptor subunit from carrier
2015-06-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: egg and broodling as bw subunits
2015-06-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: omit some optional zero values in bw data
2015-06-12 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: reuse formatting procedure for subunit columns
2015-06-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: preliminary starcraft 2 hots data
2015-06-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: reference shared attacks in data
2015-06-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: rename cmp attribute to dps
2015-06-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: separate shield and hp values in data
2015-06-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: rename 'size' attribute to 'suit'
2015-06-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: round damage values
2015-06-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: legend below units table on insufficient space
2015-06-10 Mischa POSLAWSKYsc: indicate and explain composed units
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYindex: bump version to 1.7 v1.7
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYlatin: fix font matching on suetterlin and asl rows
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: css rule to download font
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYperl: change all non-singlequoted string quoting to q""
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYperl: final features for v5.22 release
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYdigraphs: alternate proposals for control characters
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYdigraphs: allow proposals by decimal code point escape
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYdigraphs: reverse penguin proposal to face left
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYdigraphs: undecided ‼ proposal exists as !R
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYdigraphs: propose missing down tack
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYdigraphs: categorise additions to useful characters
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: rename ms core fonts to more appropriate win2k
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: determine source os to better explain distribution
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: mkttfinfo: strip file extensions from name
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: aggregate counts for unicode versions
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: fix single-line arrays in cover include
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: append placeholder circle to combining marks
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: update font groups
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: support reading .ttc truetype collection files
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYcharset: unicode zone allocations for plane 1
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYcharset: remove unicode block copy from planes include
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYcharset: do not divide plane index by column size
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYcharset: unicode block allocations for plane 1
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYcharset: declare most significant includes for page...
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYcharset: update to unicode v7.0 block allocations
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYstarcraft: remove keyboard page
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYkeys: replace sign variable by placeholder substitution
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYstyle: update to table elements
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYindex: allow all stylesheets
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYindex: silence git read warning
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYcommon: fix cookie expire in recent installs
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYcommon: catch cookie set failure
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: mkfontinfo: strip whitespace from support arrays
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYindex: link apl page
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYindex: say 'alphabets' to refer to writing page
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYcommon: html5 doctype and microformats
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: mkttfinfo: no glob; exit codes
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: mkttfinfo: resolve source symlinks in metadata
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: mark 16th column
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: do not align columns to a power of 32
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: fix mkttfinfo --verbose option
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: more generic rules to parse ttf files
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: caption block name
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: ?q offset by hex value or block name
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: navigation links to offset character table
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: subpage lists ordered glyphs in requested typeface
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYchars: include plane 1 groups
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: include version in font name hover
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: clean up version and revision numbers
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: load unicode data optionally
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: ignore multichar entries in overview count
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: show currency and mathematical unicode categories
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: automatic name abbreviation
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYfont: numbered fonts; os groups in include
2015-06-09 Mischa POSLAWSKYperl: v5.21.9 features