2011-02-05 Mischa POSLAWSKYpublic release master
2011-02-05 Mischa POSLAWSKYapply unadapted Conway "best practices" where useful
2011-02-05 Mischa POSLAWSKYremove unused variable
2011-02-05 Mischa POSLAWSKYoption to show commit hashes
2011-02-05 Mischa POSLAWSKYstandalone message retrieval unless - given
2011-02-05 Mischa POSLAWSKYlicense under gpl2+
2011-02-05 Mischa POSLAWSKYdescribe helpful example oneliners
2011-02-05 Mischa POSLAWSKYgrep option
2011-02-05 Mischa POSLAWSKYdocument count option (and imply unique)
2011-02-04 Mischa POSLAWSKYwhitelist dashless identifiers Cc and Reference
2011-02-04 Mischa POSLAWSKYreset (debug) junk counter between blocks
2011-02-04 Mischa POSLAWSKYrelay leading commit hashes
2011-02-04 Mischa POSLAWSKYfuzzy option to replace typos
2011-02-04 Mischa POSLAWSKYadditional hash simplifications for -s'any'
2011-02-04 Mischa POSLAWSKYcount option
2011-02-04 Mischa POSLAWSKYdocumentation and help options
2011-02-04 Mischa POSLAWSKYsample options (original line(s), unique threshold)
2011-02-03 Mischa POSLAWSKYexplicit implementation of shebang run parameters
2011-02-03 Mischa POSLAWSKYoptions to hide duplicates (simplify, ignore-case,...
2011-02-03 Mischa POSLAWSKYconvert non-utf8; avoid buffering; debug unmatched...
2011-02-03 Mischa POSLAWSKYexpand oneliner to proper script
2011-02-03 Mischa POSLAWSKYfind header lines near the end of commit messages